How Membership Works

Welcome To Sullilvan Square Fitness

How your membership works

1st- Become A Member

Use the Join Now link to create your user profile within RhinoFit.

2nd- Install The App

Install the RhinoFit App to your phone

3rd -Arrive at the facility

Time To Workout

When you arrive at the gym, login to the RhinoFit App using the username and password you created during signup. Click directly on your name, then select on “My Barcode”. A barcode will pop up on your screen. Show this to the barcode reader at the gym at a distance of 4-6 inches. The barcode reader will beep, check your membership status, and assuming you are a valid member it will unlock for you to enter the gym. It will take about 3 seconds from the time you show the barcode for the door to release. Be ready by gently pulling on the door handle.

If you do not have a smartphone, NO PROBLEM! Simply request an access card (by phone or by email) and it will be sent to your address instead. There is an addition $10 Fee for a physical card instead of the phone barcode.